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          flew up

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          flew up發音




          blew up───爆發,爆炸;放大;使充氣

          clew up───v.把帆下角扯到桁上

          clews up───v.把帆下角扯到桁上

          blow up───爆發,爆炸;放大;使充氣

          brew up───釀造

          chew up───嚼碎;毀壞;消耗

          drew up───草擬,起草;停;使靠近

          fed up───感到厭煩的;忍無可忍

          flew at───撲向;猛烈攻擊


          of sparks flew up the chimney.───煙囪里飛出無數火星。

          He threw the paper onto the fire and it flew up the chimney.───他把那張紙扔進火里,紙飄進了煙道。

          cries and startled oaths flew up around us as pandemonium broke out.───爆發時,我們周圍充斥著尖厲的哭喊聲和難聽的咒罵聲。

          a flea and a fly, flew up in a flue. Said the flea, "let's fly! " said the fly, "Let's flee! "───跳蚤和蒼蠅,飛進一個煙道,跳蚤說,我們飛吧,蒼蠅說,我們逃吧。

          Small-shirts a hit to their body, they blink of an eye one by one into a swan, flew up into the sky and disappeared in the distance.───小襯衫一碰到他們的身體,眨眼之間他們就一個個地變成了天鵝,飛上天空,消失在遠方。

          He trod on the head of the broom and the handles flew up and hit him in the face.───他一腳踩著掃帚頭,掃帚柄飛快地翹了起來,打在他的臉上。

          He missed the surface altogether, his legs flew up above his head, and he found himself lying on the top of the prostrate Rat.───槳根本沒有劃在水面。只見他兩腳高高翹起,整個兒跌倒在躺倒的河鼠身上。

          "Thank you, " said the merchant's son. So he went back to the wood, seated himself in his trunk, flew up to the ro.───“謝謝你,”商人的兒子。于是,他又回到了木材,自己坐在他的箱子,飛上了反滲透。

          His hands flew up, he gave a sort of gasp, and fell.───他的雙手向上張開,發出一種喘息,倒下了。


          My heart flew up into my mouth when I saw the risk that the child was taking.

          Shrill cries and startled oaths flew up around us as pandemonium broke out.

          The bird flew up onto the tree.

          The general flew up to see his soldiers.

          Spray flew up onto the rocks.

          A mourning cloak butterfly flew up from a tree trunk in the sunshine where it was basking.

          The bird flew up from the grass.

          A shower of sparks flew up the chimney.

          Sparks flew up from the fire.

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