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          you meant it

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          you meant it發音




          you mean───你的意思是說

          you name it───凡是你能說出的

          you can't win───你贏不了的

          can you beat it───你能打敗它嗎

          be meant to───打算;有意要

          no mean sth───不是什么意思

          you beaut───你真漂亮

          you beaut!───你真漂亮!

          you beauties───你們這些美女


          At first, I never dreamed you meant it.───起初,我從沒想過你確實是這樣做的。

          You sold me to my enemies, but you meant it when you kissed me.───你把我賣給了敵人,但是吻我的時候是真心的。

          This means that the key is to say things in such a way that the person you're talking to perceives it the way you meant it.───這就是說,關鍵在于如何讓那與你會話的對方能明了你所說的一切。

          In a final confrontation with his brothers, he graciously noted, "You meant it for bad; God meant it for good. "───在與他的兄弟最后對峙時,他雍容大度地講道:“你們當初是想害我,但神卻是好意的!

          This in fact was never what you wanted from me or how you meant it to be.───這實際上是從我從未想要將它還是你的意思。

          It is not clear to us what you meant. It is not clear to us what you intended.───我們不清楚您到底是怎么想的。

          I know what you meant, it's just. . . this is only our first date.───我知道你不是那意思只是…這才是咱倆第一次約會。

          You said provide us with the new tool in 2 months and you meant it.───你說使用兩個月開發新工具,而你真的做到了。

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