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          test scores

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          test scores發音




          team scores───團隊得分

          test bores───試驗孔

          foot scores───足部劃痕

          test bore───試驗孔

          test cards───(電視)[計]測試卡

          test cases───測試案例

          test showed───測試顯示

          credit scores───信用評分

          short scores───短分數


          Test scores have improved.───測試分數提高了。

          interviewers will grade the applicants by not only their interview performance but also their written test scores.───面試官不僅會根據面試表現,還會根據筆試成績對申請者進行打分。

          You have to submit your test scores, and you have to write some essays, like why you want to go to Brown.───你必須提交你的成績單,還要寫一些文章,例如你為什么想去布朗大學。

          One of them was the idea that race and ethnic background should count as a way of correcting for the true meaning of test scores and grades.───這是為了修正測試得分和中學成績(背后所代表)的真正含義。

          In the case of the maths scores of fourth-graders, there was a consistently negative relationship between computer use and test scores.───從四年級學生的數學成績來看,使用電腦和考試成績的關系一直成反比。

          Those things that do not show up in the test scores-personality, ability, courage or humanity are completely ignored.───考分反映不出的那些東西——個性、能力、勇氣或人道——完全被忽視。

          The Los Angeles Times compiled its database using seven years of standardized test scores obtained through a public records request.───洛杉磯時報用了七年的標準化考試的成績來編輯了這一數據庫,這些成績來自于一個公共的記錄系統。

          If it were a state, its pupils' test scores would rank dead last.───如果將華盛頓當作一個州,那它小學生的考試成績在全國肯定是墊底的。

          At schools, teachers continued to evaluate students on the basis of test scores and how closely they followed instructions.───在學校,老師繼續通過考試成績和遵守教導的程度來評估學生。


          There is considerable variability in all the test scores.

          Test scores below 50 were classed as 'unsatisfactory'.

          The school's test scores are among the highest in the district.

          Low test scores are a sad reflection on our school system.

          Schools anticipate an increase in student test scores.

          The school's test scores have not improved.

          Test scores vary from school to school .

          Teachers are under pressure to improve test scores.

          Students' test scores started to slide in the mid-1990s.

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