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          call friends

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          call friends發音




          false friends───假朋友,不忠實的朋友

          lady friends───女友;情婦

          make friends───交朋友

          family friends───氏族朋友;家庭共同的朋友

          school friends───同學;校友(schoolfriend的復數)

          be friends───成為朋友

          best friends───最好的朋友,好朋友

          call around───到處打電話

          call signs───(電臺的)[通信]呼號;(船舶的)信號


          Call friends or make new ones.───打電話給他們,或者結交新朋友。

          those whales you call friends?───那些你稱為朋友的鯨魚呢?

          The worst thing is when you call friends and they've gone out.───最糟糕的是,你給朋友們打電話時他們卻出去了。

          On your computer at home or work, make a note to "call friends" regularly.───在你的家庭或辦公電腦上設置記事薄,定期提醒你“給朋友打電話”。

          I began to call friends as soon as I got home.───我一回家就開始給朋友們打電話。

          When today's older workers were in their 20s, they might have taken a break on the job to call friends and make after-work plans.───今天年齡較大的勞動者在他們二十幾歲的時候,或許也會暫停手中的工作去給朋友打電話,或者是計劃下班以后的事情。

          Life, some people might call friends all over the whole world, a white should be.───生活中,有些人可能朋友遍布四海,一呼白應。

          Rather than call friends and enjoy some social time, he does nothing for the rest of the evening except watch TV until late at night.───那天晚上沒有給朋友打電話或者出去玩,他除了看電視到很晚什么也沒做。

          I'm a little money and no it, and call friends to help, who are a refused to come.───我一點錢也沒有的啦,打電話叫朋友們幫忙一下,可誰都不肯來。


          In the words of a working-class housewife living on a new council estate: It depends what you call friends.

          Also features manual dialler so you can call friends who are not in your telephone book.

          The worst thing is when you call friends and they've gone out.

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