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          current interest rate

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          current interest rate發音




          prime interest rate───基準利率

          variable (interest) rate───可變利率

          interest rate───[金融]利率

          current expenditure───[會計]經常性支出

          current return───本期收益率

          current returns───本期收益率

          current understanding───當前的理解

          interest rates───利息,[金融]利率

          keen interest in───對…極感興趣


          This will depend upon your current interest rate.───這將取決于你目前的利息。

          rate of return after erasing the inflation rate from the current interest rate.───從現行的利率中扣除通貨膨脹率后所得的實質收益率。

          's the current interest rate?───當前的利率是多少?

          The U. S. Federal Reserve's current interest-rate target is 1% -- a level Mr. Loynes expects the Bank of England to reach next year.───Fed當前的目標利率為1%,洛因斯預計英國央行明年將會達到這個水平。

          If it purchased a call option, it would compound its current interest-rate mismatch.───如果它買進買入期權,就會加劇其目前利率期限方面的不對稱。

          The current interest rate is sometimes used as a simple (but incorrect) proxy for discount rate.───當下的利率有時候被用來作為一個簡單(卻不正確)的折現率的約數。

          Returns on money market investments are highly dependent on the current interest rate and are considered low risk.───貨幣市場投資的收益很大程度取決于當前的利率,它是一種風險較低的投資。

          What's the current interest rate?───目前的利率是多少?

          And the third way is by freezing their current interest rate for five years.───第三種是凍結現行的利息五年。


          Whats the current interest rate?

          Know that current interest rate home loans for more research.

          The bank caclulates loan interest as "simple" interest -- for every payment period, multiply the current outstanding principal by the current interest rate to determine the interest payment.

          B: That is because the current interest rate is low.

          And the third way is by freezing their current interest rate for five years.

          The central bank yesterday said current interest rate settings are consistent with the pace of growth and prospects for inflation.

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