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          moved out

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          moved out發音




          move out───搬出;開始行動

          moves out───搬出

          smoked out───查出;用煙熏出;使…公諸于世

          bowed out───退出,辭職

          doled out───少量發放

          doped out───vt.猜出,想出;預測;推測出;解出

          lived out───住在外面;活過(某一段時間);實踐,實現

          maxed out───信貸時代(紀錄片)

          meted out───給予


          She had moved out of hearing.───她走遠了,已經聽不到。

          But when I moved out, he moved in.───但當我離開后,他搬進去了。

          I stay in this room because I don't want to be moved out of it.───我待在這個房間里,因為我不想出去。

          Mr. Alexander's parents have since moved out of the assisted-living facility and back into their home, so he tends to them most days.───亞歷山大的父母為了給予孩子一些經濟支持,也搬出了養老院,和孩子們住了很長時間。

          When a squad moved out of a village, the self-help groups checked to see that everything borrowed from the people had been returned.───當一個班撤離一個村莊時,互助組檢查從老百姓那兒借來的東西是否退還了。

          Celia, who had been living in furnished rooms in Boonton, had already moved out from there, putting some of her things in storage.───西莉亞以前在布恩吞鎮上租的那所備有家具的房子已經退了,一些什物也堆進了貯藏庫。

          Michael soon moved out of the Halifax house he shared with his boyfriends and sequestered himself in an apartment across town.───很快,邁克爾從他和男友們同居的房子里搬了出來,把自己關在城市另一頭的一個公寓里。

          It is often in the disharmonious encounters between members of our pods that the entire group is moved out of sync with Earth's heartbeat.───通常在我們的圓莢體之間不和諧的遭遇中,整個團隊脫離了與地球心跳的同步。

          The building had been converted into a physiotherapist's practice after the bank had moved out.───這家分行搬走后,這里變成了一個理療所。


          The geriatric patients will be moved out.

          They moved out of London when he was little.

          Travis moved out west after college.

          They looked after the train as it moved out.

          They moved out and the lease was surrendered.

          She seems to be prospering since she moved out of the city.

          She moved out of the house because she wanted her own personal space.

          The family moved out west to Kansas.

          They had a huge row and Sally moved out of the house.

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