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          subsistence farmers

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          subsistence farmer───自然經濟;糊口農民

          subsistence farming───n.自給農業;少有余糧的農場經營

          subsistence wages───維持生活的最低工資

          subsistence crops───口糧作物;自種自食的作物

          subsistence levels───勉強糊口的生活水平;貧困生存線;維持生活的最低水平

          subsistence wage───維持生活的最低工資

          subsistence crop───口糧作物;自種自食的作物

          subsistence level───勉強糊口的生活水平;貧困生存線;維持生活的最低水平

          subsistence economies───僅能維持生存的經濟;基本生活維持經濟


          The videos describe the situation of subsistence farmers in South Africa.───這些視頻介紹了南非自給農民的情況。

          Many Namibians are subsistence farmers who live in the arid borderlands.───許多納米比亞人都是自給自足的農民,居住在干旱的邊境地區。

          But most of Myanmar's people still toil away as subsistence farmers.───但大部分緬甸人仍舊為生計奔波勞累的農民。

          Achieving a balanced coexistence in southern Africa's Mid-Zambezi Valley between subsistence farmers and wild animals can be tricky.───在南非贊比西河流域中游地區實現種糧農民與野生動物的平衡共存并非易事。

          "In Mozambique, where we work, 70 percent of the population are subsistence farmers" earning less than $1 a day, Lynch says.───“在莫桑比克,我們工作的地方,70%的人口是靠土地自己養活自己的農民”,這些農民每天的收入不到1美元,林奇說。

          Many start out as subsistence farmers and are among the first in their families to earn a regular wage.───他們當中許多人出身于自耕農,是家庭中第一批擁有固定工作和薪水的成員。

          But Yunnan, like much of China, remains plagued by vast income inequality; the wealthy jewellers live beside subsistence farmers.───和很多中國其他地方一樣,云南也存在著巨大的貧富不均。珠寶商和養家糊口的農民比鄰而居。

          Around two-thirds of them, mostly subsistence farmers, still live on less than $2 a day.───他們中的大概三分之二仍然是自給自足的農民,日均收入不超過2美元。

          Less than 10 years ago, a generation of children was born to subsistence farmers in Liberia, a country torn by civil war and conflict.───不到十年之前,在利比里亞的一代孩子出生了,并注定會成為自給農民。那時的利比里亞正處于內戰戰火和沖突的蹂躪之中。


          Cattle Ranching Hungry subsistence farmers follow in the wake of loggers.

          Physicists do not generally choose their mates from among subsistence farmers.

          Most of us were subsistence farmers.

          The aim was to transform them into permanent subsistence farmers or labourers.

          That would bring down developed countries' agricultural subsidies and give farmers, particularly subsistence farmers, greater access to markets, Rice said.

          Mr Mugabe can not fail to understand the consequence of redistribution of the country's most productive land to subsistence farmers.

          Genuine land reform is not about breaking up highly productive commercial farms into little plots for subsistence farmers.

          Most of them eke out a living as subsistence farmers.

          Many black Namibians are subsistence farmers who live in the arid borderlands.

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