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          rallied round

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          rallied round發音






          rallied around───團結在......的周圍

          rallies round───幫助;支持;扶持

          rallies around───團結在......的周圍

          rallying round───幫助;支持;扶持

          called around───到處打電話

          pulled round───復原;康復

          rally round───幫助;支持;扶持

          talked round───說服;轉彎抹角地說

          hallowed ground───圣地


          Kevin and I rallied round and did the show for them.───凱文和我團結起來,為他們獻上表演。

          When their mother was ill, the children all rallied round.───母親生病時,孩子們都來到她身旁。

          So many people have rallied round to help the family.───很多人都團結起來幫助那家人。

          Heidi's family have rallied round her - her mother even giving up her job to take care of her.───Heidi的家人重新給了她力量—她的媽媽甚至放棄工作來照顧她。

          The children all rallied round when their father told stories.───父親講故事時,孩子們都圍繞在他身邊。

          After briefly opposing the coup, most of Guinea's sidelined politicians rallied round the captain.───在對政變表示短暫反對之后,大多數幾內亞的邊緣政治人物都聚攏在了卡馬拉上尉周圍。

          And Bob McCann, the street-smart leader of the thundering herd, also rallied round the new boss.───金融顧問們的領袖、精明的鮑勃?麥肯(BobMcCann)也聚攏到了新老板的周圍。

          "I'm not surprised" by the number of people who rallied round the couple, says Ni.───“我不感到驚訝”。倪夫婦前聚集了相當數目的人群,倪說到。


          But friends and well wishers rallied round and calling themselves Ashleys army, raised enough cash to buy him his own gymnasium.

          Connie's friends rallied round her.

          Her friends all rallied round when she was ill.

          Neighbours rallied round and alerted the emergency services.

          And neighbours rallied round with games.

          The whole family rallied round when Mum was ill.

          John's mother and sister rallied round offering comfort.

          The children all rallied round when their father told stories.

          So many people have rallied round to help the family.

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