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          treat or

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          treat or發音




          great on───好極了


          treaty port───通商口岸;根據條約開放的口岸

          Great Dog───n.大犬座

          Great War───n.第一次世界大戰

          great job───偉大的工作;干得好

          great joy───巨大的喜悅;極大的快樂

          treaty ports───[水運]通商口岸;條約口岸(在某些條約的條件下才開放的)

          Great Power───n.強國


          Dietary supplement labels can make claims about how the dietary supplement may affect the structure or the function of the body, but not claims to treat or cure a disease.───飲食補劑標簽會明示該補劑對人體構造或功能有何種影響,但不會宣稱該補劑能夠治療甚至治好疾病。

          yourself for each step with a (healthful) treat or compliment.───在每一階段以(不違背健康原則的)自我款待或者物質獎勵來給自己打氣。

          There are those who eat out for a special occasion, or treat themselves.───有那么一些在特殊日子到飯館吃飯或犒勞自己的食客。

          If he uses his muzzle and his paws, score 2 points, whether he gets the treat or not (at least he's trying).───如果它用嘴和爪子,無論夠沒夠著,都得兩分,因為它至少嘗試了。

          Some school trips to museums are just a one-day treat or a nice outing at the end of a term.───一些學校安排的博物館旅行,只是一個為期一天的免費旅游,或是在一個學期結束前辦的一個不錯的郊游。

          Some researchers are working on the idea of gene therapy to treat or try to cure HIV, but the technology is still in experimental stages.───一些研究者們正在設法通過基因治療來治療或試圖治愈HIV,但這種技術仍處于實驗階段。

          It is prohibited to scold and beat, to ill-treat or to insult the people who violate the peace and order regulations.───禁止對違反治安管理的人員打罵、虐待或者侮辱。

          Is also causes one of young child postscript line of common reasons like not to treat or the delay treatment.───也是引起小兒跋行的常見原因之一如不治療或延誤治療。

          Stem cell therapies have the potential to treat or cure a wide range of health issues, from Parkinson's Disease to spinal cord injuries.───干細胞治療具有治療和治愈多種疾病的潛在可能,從帕金森式病到脊髓損傷。


          Include prawns for a special treat or add chicken or ham for a really substantial meal.

          To treat or stimulate ( a muscle or nerve ) with faradic current.

          And there's no better way to keep warm than to tuck into a tasty treat or two.

          Make it a dutch treat or pay it all together?

          In the end, no subject is too serious for opera to treat, or necessarily too unpleasant, or too poignant.

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