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          team member

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          team member發音




          team members───團隊成員

          team leader───組長;團隊領導

          board member───董事會成員

          team leaders───組長


          cast member───演藝人員,角色成員

          club member───俱樂部成員;俱樂部會員

          crew member───乘務員

          life member───終身會員


          That's accepting responsibility for being a team member.───避免零和博弈,爭取雙贏.

          That evening another team member found four more larvae.───那天傍晚,另一位隊員也找到了四只若蟲.

          Training team member to improve work quality.───培訓相關員工以提高工作質量.

          I feel I have a lot to offer as a team member.───我想作為團隊一員,我能作沒很多奉獻.

          Team member Other duties.───團隊成員 其他的任務。

          No does not respect, speak insolently, satire, etc for TT management team member.───不得發表對TT管理層人員不尊重 、 出言不遜 、 諷刺等等的帖子.

          A good team member, honest, hardworking; willing to be overtime.───有較強的團隊合作精神, 誠實正直, 能吃苦耐勞, 適應加班要求.

          How many men be team member among those young fellows?───那些小伙子中有幾個人是隊員?

          The coach regretted the injury to the team member.───教練為隊員受傷感到惋惜.

          Team member should register to the gym to participate in the weight lifting training.───隊員應到健身房報到參加舉重訓練.

          The new team member was out of position on several occasions.───球隊的新成員好幾次都不在恰當的位置上.

          You have not communicated with me as a senior management team member on my career development plan in Dell.───作為一個高級管理團隊人員,您并沒有就我在戴爾內部的職業發展規劃與我進行溝通。

          Integrity , dedicated , attention to detail and accuracy, self - motivated and open - minded, team member.───忠實于企業, 注重細節和準確性, 性格開朗, 自我 發展上持積極態度, 良好的團隊合作精神.

          Project Manager, project team member, and small project implementers.───項目經理, 項目組成員及小項目的參與實施人員.

          Team member are: Hong , Quile , Shen, Fai ( Design ), Wang , Hsiao - He.───目前的工作團隊:洪啟樂, 沈飛 ( 設計 ), 王曉河.

          That this fire control team member is commended by the newspaper a hero.───報紙稱贊這位消防隊員是英雄.

          Educating & Leading Junior Analytic team member ( 6 peoples ).───教育, 培訓,領導和激勵 初級 分析團隊.

          It is widely considered harmful for the team member and the project that he is working on.───它被廣泛認為對團隊成員和他所從事的項目有害。


          We'd wondered about you as a possible team member.

          The team member on duty who had completed the initial referral form was also responsible for completing the pre-coded questionnaire.

          Through cross-training, the breadth of team member expertise expanded.

          No one feels they are a team member, much less a partner, if decisions are continually made without their consultation.

          We worked out goals with full team member participation, and then measured against those goals.

          If any team member is at all suspect, the coach should put them into third position.

          The review team member usually reads it first to gain a perspective on the study.

          Project Manager, project team member, and small project implementers.

          Each team member is expected to carry a fair share of the workload.

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