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          boat tour

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          boat tour發音




          boat house───船庫

          boat bug───船蟲

          boat hook───[水運]鉤頭篙

          boat load───n.一條船的貨物;船的載貨量

          boat tail───n.[航]船形尾部,導彈尾部

          boat trip───乘船旅行

          bus tour───乘公共汽車旅游;巴士觀光

          flat sour───平酸

          on tour───巡回中


          Tomorrow we're going to visit a famous palace and take a boat tour on the River Seine.───我們明天要去參觀一個著名的宮殿,還要乘船游覽塞納河。

          Seats for the boat tour are limited, so be there early to guarantee a place.───游船的位置有限,所以如果你想登船的話,記得早點去。

          Marian and Michael are traveling in Thailand and decide to take a glass-bottomed boat tour.───瑪麗安和邁克爾正在泰國旅行,他們決定乘玻璃底的船觀光。

          The typical boat tour includes the Old Town, or Gamla Stan. Situated on an island, this old city center still looks like a medieval city.───典范的游船旅行每每會不雅觀賞舊城區(或稱GamlaStan),它位于一個島上是一個陳腐的市中央,現在仍像一其中世紀的城鎮。

          Microsoft doesn't promote the boat tour, but Argosy says it has approval from Gates.───微軟并不推廣游湖之旅,但“大船航游”宣稱得到蓋茨的同意。

          Where we have to draw a boat tour of the beach, at low tide in the afternoon, I caught the rock is still a small starfish.───在那里我們還去劃了船,游了泳,在下午退潮之后,我還在巖石上捉到了一只小海星。

          The best way to experience the East Lake is to take a boat tour. It must be memorable.───乘坐烏篷船游覽東湖,游客會被如畫的景色所吸引,畢生難忘。

          Paolo: We are going to visit the Empire State Building, Times Square, and take a boat tour around Manhattan.───我們要去參觀帝國大廈,時代廣場,以及乘船環繞曼哈頓地區。

          After a boat tour of the city, the next step should be a trip to some of the 24, 000 islands in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.───在搭船參觀了此城之后,下一步應該去看看斯德哥爾摩群島2400個島中的一些島了。


          Today one can enjoy a relaxing boat tour around the harbour.

          Microsoft doesn't promote the boat tour, but Argosy says it has approval from Gates.

          We went down using the staircase to take boat tour around Yusun Stream.

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