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          writing paper

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          writing paper發音


          n.書寫紙,信紙; 信箋



          writing papers───書寫紙;信紙

          printing paper───印刷紙;曬圖紙

          printing papers───有格紙;打印紙

          briefing paper───簡報文件

          wrapping paper───[包裝]包裝紙

          writing career───寫作生涯

          drawing paper───繪圖紙

          tracing paper───描圖紙

          voting paper───選票


          writing paper and envelopes───信紙和信封

          Writing Paper is not only for the exercise book, book commercial book book printing, magazine etc.───多種規格的卷筒、平板,主要用于練習簿、記錄本 、 帳簿及其他書寫用紙與印刷書刊 、 雜志等.

          I must get hold of some more writing paper.───我必須再找一些書寫用紙.

          A quill pen on writing paper demands you to care and pay attention to grammar, tidiness, controlled thinking.───用羽毛筆在寫字紙上書寫要求你注意語法、整潔、克制思考。

          Would you please give me some envelopes and writing paper?───請給我一些信紙和信封,好 嗎 ?

          Laboratory study and mill trial of mini _ coating of writing paper have been carried out.───進行了書寫紙微量涂布工藝技術的實驗室研究和工廠試驗.

          Will you ( please ) lend me some writing paper?───請借給我一些信紙好 嗎 ?

          Do you have any writing paper?───您有信紙 嗎 ?

          The drug store stocks writing paper and envelopes.───雜貨店供應信紙和信封.

          The writing paper is impressed with the school seal.───信箋上蓋有學校的公章.

          Where can I buy envelopes and writing paper?───哪兒可以買到信封和信紙?

          The writing paper is impressed with school seal.───信箋上有學校的印記.

          Drouet selected writing paper while Carrie went to change her dress.───杜洛埃找信紙寫回信的當兒,嘉莉去換衣服.

          Would you please give me some envelope writing paper?───請給我一些信紙信封,好 嗎 ?

          The writing paper is used up.───紙用完完了.

          When we think of paper, we think of newspapers, books, letters, envelopes, and writing paper.───當我們認為紙時, 我們認為報紙 、 書 、 信件 、 信封和寫信紙.

          An important detail in writing paper concerns the weight to be given to topics.───論文寫作的一個重要細節是要考慮各部分的權重.

          The prisoners tried to barter with the guards for items like writing paper and books.───囚犯們試著從看守那里換取稿紙和書之類的東西。

          The quality and provenance of your writing paper is like a secret code.───信紙的質量和產地似乎成了一種密碼。

          A quill pen on writing paper demands care, attention to grammar, tidiness, controlled thinking.───用羽毛筆在寫字紙上書寫要求你小心翼翼 、 注意語法 、 整潔 、 克制思考.

          Do you have writing paper?───有信紙 嗎 ?

          Writing paper, make a report, published articles, are to solve the problem.───寫文件 、 作報告 、 發表文章, 都是為了解決問題.

          Correspondence: Learning vocabulary for letter writing: writing paper, ink, envelopes.───學習與寫信有關的詞匯,如信紙 、 墨水和信封等.

          The British habit of using an address to head writing paper is also bowing to change.───以地址作為信紙開頭的英式習慣也在改變.

          Wash your hands or you'll make smudges on the writing paper.───把手洗乾凈,別把寫字的紙弄臟了.

          Can you lend my some writing paper?───你能借給我一些信紙 嗎 ?


          The writing paper is impressed with school seal.

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