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          with the best wishes

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          with the best wishes發音




          with the best───跟任何人一樣好

          with the best will in the world───盡管想往好處做

          at the best of times───adv.在最有利的情況下

          get the best of───擊敗,戰勝;對…占優勢

          all the bests───一切順利,萬事如意

          beat the bushes───到處搜尋;搜索

          come with the first four ships───帶著前四艘船來

          do the dishes───洗餐具;洗碗碟

          have the best of───勝過;從…中得到最大的好處


          She combed herself a novel type of hair (to protect the peace) and then melt into the ocean with the best wishes to her close relatives, sparking the sea imperishable lighthouse with the life.───她梳著自創的喻保平安的“帆髻”,帶著對鄉鄰、對親人們的祝福融入了大海,用生命點燃了海上不滅的引航燈。

          Big screen, with the best wishes one by one, stop here and full of warmth and romance around, but the heart is the prices and struggling.───大屏幕里,一條接一條的祝福,駐足此地,溫暖和浪漫充斥周圍,但內心卻是奮斗的企及。

          best wishes for happiness in the New Year.───最良好的祝福,原你新年快樂幸福。

          With the best wishes to you, all the staff of the Thoenix Hotspring have begun today's work.───親愛的顧客朋友,早上好!帶著對您的期盼和祝福,鳳凰溫泉全體員工開始了今天的服務。

          With the best wishes for a happy New Year!───恭賀新年快樂,并致以最美好的祝愿!

          A good present for aged people, with the best wishes for their long life.───萬年長壽,永遠生存。用于祝人長壽。

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