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          order books

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          order books發音



          n.定貨簿( order book的名詞復數 )


          order book───定貨簿

          prayer books───n.祈禱書

          code books───密碼本

          grade books───記分冊;成績冊

          open books───極坦率的人;一目了然的事物

          order forms───定貨單,[貿易]訂貨單

          order marks───訂單標記


          red books───英國官員錄;貴族名鑒,縉紳錄


          It's easy to order books from the Internet.───從網上訂書是非常方便的。

          I need books. I order books.───我需要圖書,我定購圖書。

          Season, recording the seasonal section of order books, mostly in the scope of today's agricultural meteorology.───時令, 記錄有關時令節序的書, 多屬今天的農業氣象學范圍.

          Companies hiring out narrow boats report full order books.───出租運河小船的各公司稱船已預訂一空。

          First, there are those fat order books.───首先, 他們現在擁有大量的訂單.

          I order books.───我定購圖書。


          Booksellers normally order books on a sale or return basis.

          And nobody's order books had been full this summer.

          Research on the features of limit order books under continuous double auction mechanism in the order-driven market is an important field of financial market microstructure theory.

          Companies hiring out narrow boats report full order books.

          These would be commercial travellers, wanting to write up their order books in peace.

          Order books are wilting, despite the low value of the euro.

          Despite bulging order books, the mood at Airbus and Boeing is far from celebratory.

          The other driving force is cold cash and order books.

          Our order books are full at the moment.

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