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          translation software

          欄目: 英語詞典 來源: www.segamedicalservice.com 時間: 2022-07-30 00:00

          translation software發音




          translation of axes───軸的平移

          application software───應用軟件

          tracking software───跟蹤軟件

          operating software───操作軟件

          teaching software───教學軟件

          transaction tax───交易稅

          transition metal───[化學]過渡金屬

          transition metals───[化學]過渡金屬

          transition team───過渡團隊;過渡小組


          High speed and accuracy are required of the translation software.───這就要求翻譯軟件的快速性和準確性。

          Kingsoft PowerWord is launched by Kingsoft Corp, an online translation software.───金山詞霸是由金山公司推出的一款在線翻譯軟件。

          Why do you need translation software?───你為什么需要翻譯軟件?

          sorry! I do not know foreign languages, and can only be translated using translation software; inappropriate, please forgive me! Thank you!───抱歉!我不懂外語,只能借助翻譯軟件來進行翻譯;不當之處,敬請原諒!謝謝!

          So even if I answer in complete sincerity, my translation software may fuck it up completely. . .───因此即使我完全誠實的回答,我的翻譯軟件可能完全地性交它…

          Those who study the roots of Chinglish say many examples can be traced to laziness and a flawed but wildly popular translation software.───研究中式英語源頭的人表示,許多問題是因為人們偷懶,以及現在流行的一種翻譯軟件存在缺陷。

          Most of the contents of the simplified Chinese version in this website are provided by an online translation software.───本網站的簡體中文版本的大部分內容是透過網上翻譯軟件提供。

          Online translation and translation software, please go away, Thank you for your cooperation!───在線翻譯及翻譯軟件請走開,謝謝合作!

          Therefore, I have to try all means, like using a translation software or consulting others in the forums, to understand the sentences.───所以只能使出渾身解數,先是找翻譯軟件來翻譯一些短語或句子,發現行不通就在“百度知道”里咨詢各路高手。


          The goal of the Biblia Sacra project is to create a Bible study and translation software.

          Lingoes is a dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 60 languages. It offers text translation, cursor translator, index list group and ...

          Regarding to large project, we judge to use translation software to enhance the translation speed and guarantee translation content coherent.

          Add: Do not translation software and language translation tools!

          Lingoes is a dictionary and multi-language translation software providing results in over 60 languages.

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