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          little wonder

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          little wonder發音




          little finger───小指

          little money───很少的錢

          little women───小婦人(美國作家露依莎·奧爾柯特的作品)

          little brother───小兄弟;副氣旋

          little fingers───小指

          battle order───作戰程序

          kite winder───轉向斜踏步;風箏形扇步

          little angel───小天使(歌名,LittleAngel)

          little end───連桿小頭;小末端


          is little wonder (that) she was so upset.───她如此心煩意亂,并不奇怪。

          domestic demand is dropping.───國內需求下降也是情理之中的事。

          Little wonder the wedding guests cheered Heidi.───無疑,婚禮上的賓客都為Heidi歡呼。

          It's little wonder deals get bogged down in Washington, given the non-transparent, politically influenced nature of many Chinese companies.───鑒于很多中國企業缺乏透明、受政治影響的性質,交易在華盛頓陷入困境就不奇怪了。

          Little wonder then that the company has opted for a little glitz to mark the day when full production of its cars resumes.───難怪在MG汽車重新投入成批生產之時,該公司選擇帶一點奢華的方式來紀念這一天。

          It sounds as if all the sounds had one tone. Little wonder that westerners said Chinese was a mysterious language.───聽上去所有聲音全是一個調調,怪不得西方人稱中文為天書。

          With each of us suffering three colds a year, children even more, it's little wonder that the medicine would prove popular.───我們平均每年患三次感冒,兒童甚至更多,該新發現無疑會廣受歡迎。

          Little wonder then that the UN Global Disaster alert system has warned that the impact of this could be very high.───幾乎沒人知道當時美國國家環球災害中心預警系統已經發出了預警稱這次地震的破壞力可能相當高。

          It is little wonder, then, that after Bhatti's assassination, many desperately wish to leave.───這也就難怪,那么,后巴蒂的暗殺,許多拼命想離開。


          There is little wonder that people clapped.

          Under such circumstances, it is little wonder that they experience difficulties.

          Little wonder that, once, she'd been totally taken in.

          Little wonder warning bells were sounding.

          Little wonder that the odd logjam has formed.

          Little wonder that in the years since his death in 1969, no full-fledged biography has appeared before.

          Little wonder it was such a mess.

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          It is little wonder, therefore, that Carmarthen retains so much of its countryside influences.

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