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          unanswered questions

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          unanswered questions發音




          unanswerable question───無法回答的問題

          answer a question───回答一個問題

          unresolved question───懸而未決的問題

          awkward question───棘手的問題

          loaded questions───大量的問題

          raise questions───提問

          vexed questions───難解決的問題


          face questions───面對問題


          report of the judges leaves a lot of unanswered questions.───法官們的報告留下了許多沒有回答的問題。

          There are still a lot of unanswered questions in this area, but fish and seafood are a major part of the Mediterranean diet.───這個領域仍然存在很多無法回答的問題,但是魚類和海鮮是地中海飲食的一個主要部分。

          some holes in that theory, some unanswered questions.───那個理論中有些漏洞,一些沒有得到解答的問題。

          Marie Al-Ani said the IPCC's investigation into her son's death had been "a shambles" that left many unanswered questions.───瑪麗·阿爾安尼說,IPCC對她兒子死亡的調查混亂不堪,他們留下了很多沒有解答的問題。

          There are still unanswered questions over how the body dealswith the released fat, and how much extra it can cope with.───對于人體如何處理釋放的脂肪,它能對付多少多余的脂肪來說,仍然有一些有待解答的問題。

          It used to be customary, in a book of this magnitude, to explain unanswered questions and tie up loose ends.───在這樣一部巨作中,過去的作家習慣于解釋未曾解答過的問題,并以松散的結局收官。

          Show producers convinced Lou Jing's mom to appear on-air and asked her to address the many unanswered questions.───電視秀制片人說服婁靜(音譯)的媽媽在廣播中現身,請求她回答一些沒有答案的問題。

          How that could have happened remains one of the big unanswered questions of this affair.───為什么會這樣?現在仍是整個事件中一個沒法回答的大問題。

          "The existence of middleweight black holes is one of the big unanswered questions in this field, " said Cambridge's Haehnelt.───在這個領域,中量級黑洞是否存在,是最大的尚未解答的問題之一。


          The available evidence for adopting volar locking plates is presented and a number of important and, as yet unanswered, questions are highlighted.

          There were still many unanswered questions, though these became progressively fewer, about the nature and extent of diplomatic immunities.

          Still going over all those unanswered questions?

          These unanswered questions serve to highlight the practicalities which prescriptions of this kind ignore.

          There were some holes in that theory, some unanswered questions.

          The many loose ends and unanswered questions continue to prolong their suffering.

          But it left some unanswered questions.

          One of the biggest unanswered questions is whether enough employers will step forward to allow many more students to participate.

          Conclusion With so many unanswered questions, it is an unwise man who comes to a conclusion.

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