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          so after

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          so after發音




          go after───追求,追逐

          ask after───探問,問候

          see after───照顧,照應




          to alter───改變

          asks after───探問,問候

          goes after───追求,追逐


          We seemed to manage okay for the first year or so after David was born.───戴維出生后的第一年左右,我們好像過得還可以。

          He had always been modest and prudent and remained so after he had become famous.───他一直謙虛謹慎,成名之后仍然如此。

          So after shouting and screaming for an hour she walked out in tears.───就這樣,又嚷又叫了一個小時后,她流著淚走了出來。

          So after begging his old lady for an hour, George got the OK the go out with the guys as long as he stayed off of the booze.───就這樣,苦苦哀求他的老婆子一個小時后,喬治得到許可和伙計們出去,條件是他離酒精遠遠的。

          So after talking with her for several minutes, he convinces her to come with him to his apartment.───跟這個女人談了幾分鐘,使這個女人相信了他的話,并把她帶著去他家。

          Mentally ill persons unable to exercise their voting rights shall not do so after confirmation of their cases by an election committee .───精神病患者不能行使選舉權利的,經選舉委員會確認,不行使選舉權利。

          So, after the baptism, lurking maliciously at the font, I found myself squaring up to one of the godmothers with disapproval in my eye.───因此,在洗禮結束后,我不懷好意地坐到前排,發現自己帶著不贊成的目光,擺好了和一位教母打架的架勢。

          So after being extremely shaken up I tried to call the front desk only to discover that the phone was broken.───這樣被一驚后,我想打電話給前臺,發現電話機是壞的,我暈死。

          So after I had spent some years in the U. S. as an African, I began to understand my roommate's response to me.───當我以一名非洲人的身份在美國度過幾年之后,我開始理解我那位室友當時對我的反應。


          So, after choked phone calls back to Liverpool, I was mightily relieved to touch down at Manchester Airport.

          He parked ten yards or so after the last house, outside a wire-mesh fence in front of a late 1950s prefabricated school.

          for an hour or so after lunch.

          So after shouting and screaming for an hour she walked out in tears.

          He ate these twice a year or so after a first communion, after a wedding.

          So after both of these elections a government was formed which had less electoral support than the opposition.

          So, after luxuriating in its hair shirt for a few days, the City would have sold sterling anyway.

          So after Joey takes off, I somehow manage to complete the four miles.

          So, after a day of shovel work on the Golf Course, the three of us flew night training until midnight.

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