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          lonely heart

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          lonely heart發音




          lonely hearts───(通過報紙或俱樂部的)征求異性朋友的人;求婚者


          lonely hearts ad───寂寞的心廣告

          lose heart───喪失信心,失去信心;喪失勇氣

          lonely hearts ads───寂寞之心廣告

          donor heart───供體心臟

          left heart───左心

          lonely hearts club───孤獨之心俱樂部

          lonely road───寂寞的路


          Sunshine, let it through my lonely heart.───沐浴陽光,任它穿透我寂寥的心房。

          A lonely heart that beats in vain.───一顆孤獨的心徒勞地敲擊。

          Lover accompany, no longer lonely lonely heart.───有情人陪,落寞的心不再寂寥。

          When you are angry with me and far away from me, I just wanna cry in my lonely heart. But you know , the light is always around us.───當您是惱怒以我和很遠從我時,我在我偏僻的心臟想要哭泣。

          Spent a night writing a lonely heart pen of the welter of notices, the next day she issued a document imposed on her boyfriend in the BBS.───花了一個晚上寫了一篇文筆飛揚的征友啟事,第二天她便在BBS上發文征男友。

          Standing start, I feel a long with no end in sight, come to the end, it has some of the lonely, heart, really do not know you are thinking.───站在起始,感覺漫長的看不到盡頭,走到末尾,卻有著些許的落寞,心,真的不知道你都在想些什么。

          But often this time is the most lonely heart, in my time alone is often exclusion from thousands of miles.───但是往往這個時候心里是最孤單的,在我孤單的時候往往被人拒之千里。

          She would try once more to find out from her sore and lonely heart what she really wanted.───她要再一次弄清楚自己創楚和寂寞的心田里究竟真正希望的是什么。

          3 . here a lonely heart broke , and a worn spirit went to its rest , after thirty - seven years of solitary captivity.───這里是一顆孤單的心破碎了,一顆困乏的心終于得到了安息,在三十七個年頭單身囚禁以后。


          Hear the cooing of his lonely heart through the stillness of the night.

          Plum blossom when breaking wind, wrapped in long lonely heart, after Chungui still choose to be annihilated, whether under the bridge over the snow?

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